Jack Wild

I am a Front-end Developer and Digital Designer, specialising in projects with a strong focus on Graphic Design and playful interaction.

I work with Marc Kremers and Jonathan McKay as a Developer at FutureCorp in London.

Find me on Twitter or by email.

My Work

Boom Boom Boom. A live-visuals app to liven up parties all over the world, using web-sockets, web-audio, TwoJS and NodeJS.

Joha Childmode. The best kid's clothing site on the internet, using Box2D Web, HTML5 Canvas and Sprite Animation. Made at Bacon de Czar.

Peepshow. The clothes come off when you don't look, using facial recognition and HTML5 media access.

Snailbow. An interactive story for kids, about the life of a certain colourful snail.

Palm Angels. A website promoting the photo-book Palm Angels by Francesco Ragazzi, published by Rizzoli, featuring a custom book-viewer and built on the Kirby CMS. Made at FutureCorp.

Sunrise Generator. Have a beautiful sunrise any time of day, using HTML5 Canvas and Javascript to manipulate the pixels.